After primer, foundation is the main base of makeup. And if our foundation goes wrong, then our face looks dull and flaky. Choosing a right foundation is a must and hence, read below to know some foundation hacks that'll help you achieve a perfect makeup look.

Choosing the right foundation is just like choosing the right dress for your date. Your foundation should match your skin shade, skin type, and your needs so that you don't wind up looking silly. A wrong choice of foundation can make your skin look cakey and can also turn out to be an offset after it's application. People with oily skin should choose a matte finish foundation, whereas people with dry skin should opt for a moisturizing liquid foundation.

So if you are new in the makeup game, then you must know these foundation hacks right now. These hacks will help you achieve radiant skin and will also make you understand the importance of the correct usage of the foundation. Since foundation not only acts as a base to your skin, it also keeps the skin smooth and hydrated all day long.

Don't miss out on primer:

Primer, which acts as a makeup setter is essential if you have oily skin. Large pores or discolouration can be fixed with a primer that's particular for your skin type. You'll get to see the difference when you apply the foundation post that.

Warm your foundation first:

To utilise your foundation well, warm it up before applying it to your face. Put a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand and use a brush to warm it a bit. Doing so will thin out your foundation and will give you more natural coverage.

Apply the foundation from the centre:

The most coverage is usually required in the centre of your face. So, start by applying the foundation in the centre and then blend it out towards your hairline and jawline. This will let you achieve a natural look and will not make your foundation look like a mask.

Mix oil with your foundation:

For a light, coverage adds a couple of drops of facial oil to your foundation. You'll end up using less foundation, and it won't look cakey either.

Use your fingers to press the foundation in your skin:

If you have used a brush to apply your foundation, then there are chances that you feel like the foundation is sitting on top of your skin. To make it last, use fingertips afterwards to press the foundation into your skin and eliminate any product build-up.

Use downward stroke:

Try to use a downward stroke when you apply your foundation. That'll stop the foundation from filling up your pores and making them appear more obvious. It will also stop facial hair from looking more noticeable.

Use a setting spray:

Use a setting spray once applying your foundation to bring your skin back to life. The setting spray helps you to keep the makeup in place all day. So girls, time to put on some foundation and shine on!