Love applying makeup, but everything fades of till you reach office? If yes, then here are some makeup office hacks that you should use right away. It's simple and easy to use. These hacks will let your skin be radiant throughout the day.

Applying makeup before going to work is quite a task. We girls spend ample time to look the way we do, but sometimes weather or various other things don't work in our favour. Now, we cannot carry our majestic makeup kit to work daily. But here are a few makeup hacks that you can and should use in your office. These hacks will help you maintain your natural shine and will also hydrate your skin. 

You don't need to have many products with you for these hacks, just simple creams and sheets would work wonders for your skin. They are simple hacks that can make you go from dull to glam in just a couple of minutes. 

Always carry a hand cream:

No matter where you work, all the offices have Air conditioning, which causes dryness. AC is one of the biggest culprits behind the dry skin. Keep a hand cream with you always, apply it whenever you feel your hands have become dry or too cold. It's good to have smooth hands over dry ones. 

Touch up using a tissue:

No matter how much matt foundation, or primer you use while applying makeup, everything starts to come off by the end of the day. To avoid that oily shine on your face, use a tissue if you don't have blotting sheets. You can use a tissue to blot away excess oil and adieu to the excess of oil. 

Carry a travel-size spritzer with you:

Whenever you feel worn out and tired, use your travel size hydrating mist immediately. It helps you revive your healthy skin and hydrates your skin at the same time. So don't forget to carry a small hydrating mist in your bag. It can be really useful to beat the heat or to rejuvenate yourself. 

Use concealer for dark circles:

Concealers, if used properly, can do wonders to your skin. And if you have been feeling under the weather, or have some baggy eyes to hide, then apply concealers under your eye. It makes your eyes look fresh, and also hides the unwanted marks under your eye. Don’t forget to blend thoroughly!

Use sticky notes:

If you are in dire need of blotting paper but don't have it with you in office, then use sticky notes instead. Simply pop the note below your cheekbone, right where you want to contour, then use a makeup blender to blend it well. Once you're done, pull off the paper and there you have your perfect makeup.